Yukari Masuike Paints Hallucinatory Illustrations of Wildlife

No matter your age, Yukari Masuike can make you feel like a child. That’s because this gifted Japanese illustrator, who also works under the pseudonym Toronn, paints images so whimsical and imaginative that viewers can’t help but revert back to a time they were more innocent and carefree.

A trademark of any Yukari Masuike painting is its dynamic subjects. She often employs anatomically exaggerated animals in her illustrations to induce a range of emotions. I’ve never seen a more graphic and frightening depiction of a tiger ripping into the neck of a deer, but then again, very few artists are bold enough to show such visuals in their work.

Yukari Masuike should also be commended for her fantastical rendering style, which makes viewers feel as though they’re in a dream state while staring at each vivid picture.