Yuichi Yokota Captured Finland's Stunning Snow-Covered Landscapes

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: yokoichi.photography & fubiz.net
Yuichi Yokota, a photographer from Tokyo, Japan, traveled to Finland during the most frigid time of year to lens the Northern European nation's immaculate scenery.

Throughout his time there, he explored areas that seemed to host little human interaction, with the snow that covered every surface largely uninterrupted. For other images, Yuichi Yokota focused on what life was like for those who called the snow haven home, with shots of a local Christmas market adding some holiday-themed diversity to his series of scenic shots.

Perhaps most stunning however are his shots of his travels with sled logs and of the Northern Lights, which showcase nature at its very finest. With images like these in his repertoire, it's no surprise that Yuichi Yokota "won the Gold Prize of International Photography Awards in 2016."