This Dinosaur Head Trophy by Yue Shi is Viciously Menacing

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: & likecool
Artist and designer Yue Shi cleverly designed this ferocious T-Rex head trophy wall mount as a unique piece of wall art that would be perfect for any dinosaur lover. The T-Rex trophy head is made entirely from folded pieces of metal and comes with an interesting heat lamp fixed inside the dinosaur's mouth.

Shi's tyrannosaurus work of art creatively mix the prehistoric history of dinosaurs with artisan metal work. This T-Rex trophy head is made from several bent and spliced pieces of silver metal that have been fused together using screws to construct the deadliest dinosaur's menacing visage. Inside the dinosaur's mouth is a red heat lamp that gives off an eerie, blood-thirsty glow. The head is mounted to a minimalistic wood plaque so it can be fixed onto any flat surface.