The Youngwon Kim 2013 Graduate Collection is Architectural

Taking inspiration from both the worlds of art and architecture, the Youngwon Kim 2013 graduate collection shines a light on the designer's sculptural shoe creations.

Merging a cluster of three dimensional elements, the designer creates wearable art pieces that are sure to appeal to the avid shoe lover with a flair for the unexpected. These striking footwear designs are a great way to enhance a simple outfit and will definitely turn heads when worn.

After customizing bicycles in a school lab class, designer Youngwon Kim used her knowledge of fixed gear mechanisms to create a striking collection of shoe accessories that are constructed with mechanics in mind. Exploring new visual forms, the designer creates one-of-a-kind shoes that combine aesthetics with comfort. Moreover, this collection of footwear is customizable according to a wearer's preference and personal style.