The Young Lions 2011 Contest Requires Your Blood, Sweat and Tears

Ossi Honkanen provided blood, Nalle Sjoblad provided the sweat and Ossi Rusanen provided tears to create this incredibly unique Young Lions 2011 campaign video. Artist Ossi Piipponen mixed the blood, sweat and tears supplied to create an ad that wore them out, promoting the hard work that must go into this competition.

This piece is an advertisement for the Young Lions 2011 competition in early May. The Young Lions competition gives young advertisers, students and media talent the chance to gain worldwide exposure for a creative piece they’ve made from a brief they were provided. Participants need to be willing to go to extremes to get their work noticed by judges at the competition.

The blood sweat and tears were provided by previous Young Lions creative winners. Such extreme measures, but all was worth it in the name of creativity.