#WWYW Captures the Yeezus Fashion of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

 - Nov 1, 2014
References: four-pins & whatwouldyeezuswear.tumblr
New blog #WWYW (What Would Yeezus Wear) captures the Yeezus fashion worn throughout Kanye West's latest musical tour. Starring Katie Burroughs and Kathleen Lee, the duo reenacts the most talked about couple's fashion throughout the Yeezus tour. The perfectly curated blog recreates each pose and each outfit perfectly.

Kim Kardashian has already expressed that she 'likes' the blog. Gaining lots of social media credit, the Burroughs and Lee also recreated the makings of North West. From faux-Givenchy recreations to high-waisted ice cream snaps, the duo pokes fun at the celebrity couple.

One can only imagine the amount of time and effort that was put into finding and capturing each look. This tongue and cheek blog is continuing to produce Yeezus fashion looks for its fans.