These Yamaha Three-Wheeler Offers Both Outdoor and Indoor Mobility

 - Jun 25, 2016
References: global.yamaha-motor & gizmag
The idea of a Yamaha three-wheeler may throw you off at first considering that the venerable Japanese brand is perhaps best known around the world for its two-wheeler creations, but the 05Gen concept aims to change that impression.

This particular concept is designed to be able to make it easier than ever for riders to quickly and easily cover shorter distances without feeling like they're ensconced in a vehicle that separates them entirely from the outside world. Indeed this Yamaha three-wheeler concept is small enough for use on the streets but in bigger indoor environments as well. The vehicle is equipped with a more than handy storage compartment, and it's designed to turn safely so that neither you nor your baggage suffers a tumble.

The concepts of urban transportation and mobility are fast-evolving, and this Yamaha three-wheeler is an attempt to stay ahead of the curve.