The Y3 Shoes by Chanel Shi are Inspired by Crustaceans

 - May 31, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The Y3 Shoes by Chanel Shi are designed with a minimalist, evolving aesthetic that allows the footwear to evolve from one design, to another in a simplistic manner. The base of the shoe is rather plain to help keep it as a rather discreet option when it comes to the design. However, the removable shell gives the sneakers a certain level of ruggedness that can be added when a more avant-garde aesthetic is desired.

The Y3 Shoes by Chanel Shi are inspired by crustacean lifeforms that feature an exoskeleton that protects the creature from predators. While the foot likely doesn't need protection from predators, the design of the Y3 Shoe welcomes the addition of the shell for aesthetic purposes.