The XYZ Computer Desk

 - May 23, 2008
References: dddxyz &
We have seen PC integrated desks before, but nothing comes close to the minimalism and abstract design of the XYZ Computer Desk.

XYZ wanted something to suit their fast moving studio environment and need for space, so they came up with this desk/computer design that is "as beautiful as a Mac but easily upgradeable like a PC."

The XYZ Computer Desk integrates all the computer components and cable management within the thickness of the desk, with easy access to the drives, USB ports and Hot Keys on the side of the desk. Upgrading or fixing a component is conveniently easy with a simple flip of the desk lid.

I love the design, it is clean, simple and it smartly utilizes space that is usually wasted in tables. The result is high productivity with beautiful aesthetics.

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