XY Artist Supplies Packaging Represents the Complex Creative Process

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: whitejosh & packagingoftheworld
It's actually surprising how many brands of creative materials have fairly unimaginative labels; such is not the case with XY Artist Supplies packaging. This line of sketching pencils, pens, glues, and rubber cement have been given the attentive treatment of a designer as a means to connect to the inevitably art-minded consumer.

Josh White drew up M. C. Escher-style meandering patterns that take on three-dimensional looks, despite the flat medium. These maze-like motifs are meant to represent the elaborate and exhausting process of developing one's own creative work, ultimately culminating in a moment of clarity -- hopefully. This discovery and instance of understanding is represented by the colored circle in the middle of each piece of XY Artist Supplies packaging, into which the kinked form breaks through.