The X&C Quick Assembly Dry Machine is a Low-Tech Laundering Device

 - Nov 13, 2013
The X&C Quick Assembly Dry Machine has been designed to bridge the gap between the heavy-duty domestic laundry dryer and the simple clothes line. What you'll notice is that this contraption incorporates elements of both systems, working faster than wind drying and consuming less energy than with the typical appliance.

Yang Xi, Cen Luming, Li Zhizhong and Peng Lu were 2013 Red Dot Design Award winners for this concept. It comprises a dismantlable structure of aluminum alloy tubes and an EVA resin plastic cover that can be zipped over top of it. You hang your wet clothes on the drying rack, seal the rectangular sack shut, then turn on the arc-shaped drying mechanism to evaporate the moisture from your garments. Between laundry loads, unfurl the X&C Dry Machine and use it as a hamper.