Kellen Qiaolun Huang's X-House is One Big Communal Space

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: & plusmood
The X-House architecture concept is based on new research in China illustrating that many of its citizens are leading bachelor lives longer and more indefinitely. Therefore, the X-House would provide smaller apartments for those in singlehood while exploring different dimensions of how these bachelor housing units can be uniquely designed.

Conceived by Kellen Qiaolun Huang, the X-House is a design proposal for d3 Housing Tomorrow international architecture design competition. Winning in the Interior Architectural category as well as obtaining a Special Mention, it really blows away traditional architecture designs.

Essentially, the X-House becomes one big communal space in which all the Xs are seamlessly connected. Yet although there are many shared spaces for activities such as cooking and eating, there are also private spaces for sleeping.