X-47B ManHunter is Packed With Advanced Weapons (Oh My!)

 - Mar 23, 2008   Updated: May 11 2011
References: blog.wired & dvice
The most advanced and sophisticated aircraft is coming. X-47B also called as manhunter might be deployed in aircraft carriers next year, set up with air-to-air missiles, laser and rechargeable weapons that can wipe out enemy missiles. This dangerous unmanned jet measures 19-foot that can hold 4500-lb. payload. Surely defense company Northrop Grumman has taken technology to a whole new level.

Implications - As the war in Iraq continues, the arms industry continue to develop high-tech weaponry for aircrafts and tanks. With the demand for weaponry at an all-time high due to the war, the industry continues to profit with their current products and possible future ones that are in development.