Wutopia Lab Transformed a Historic Mansion into a Massive Store

 - Jun 7, 2018
References: archdaily
As online publications, ebooks, and other forms of digital reading have risen in popularity, old-fashioned printed literature has taken on an air of elegance and even grandeur, and a new bookstore design by Wutopia Labs reflects that change. The store is built into a historic mansion on the outskirts of Shanghai, leaving room after labyrinthine room of shelf space for thousands of books.

Though working within the confines of a preexisting building, Wutopia Labs was very deliberate in its design of the Shanghai Century Publishing Group's bookstore. The design firm carefully selected the color palette and materials that it would use throughout the various rooms and floor, ensuring that the space shifted as people move through it without being excessively jarring in terms of transitions between one section and another.

Image Credit: CreatAR Images