Mists of Pandaria Adds Animal Appeal to the Gaming Universe

For all the World of Warcraft fans out there who have been waiting for an expansion into the WoW universe, you are in luck! WoW Mists of Pandaria greatly increases the southern part of this vast MMO world. Not only that, this expansion pack introduces the new Monk class, and a new character class called the Pandaren, aptly named for their panda-like appearances.

Some other great features include the increase of the leveling cap from 85 to 90, the introduction of a pet battling system and tiered talents awarded every 15 levels. Also, new player versus the environment scenarios have been created, and challenge modes will be added to the dungeons. All of this, plus some amazingly captivating graphical landscapes, will help make Mists of Pandaria one of the best expansion packs yet!