The WORX AeroCart Snow Plow Makes It Easier to Clear Ones Drive

 - Mar 24, 2017
References: worx & amazon
Surely the most tiresome task that comes with the winter season is clearing the snow out of one's life, but the WORX AeroCart Snow Plow makes that seasonal chore significantly less daunting. The accessory attaches to any WORX AeroCart, turning that versatile wheelbarrow hybrid into a durable and ergonomic human-powered snow plow.

Shovels are notoriously inefficient when it comes to clearing away snow. Not only do they make the job take longer than necessary, but they also force one to contort their body into uncomfortable positions that can lead to soreness in short order. Because the WORX AeroCart Snow Plow rolls on wheels and sits at the end of a second-degree lever, it pushes more snow while those pushing it use less energy and keep their bodies in a more natural position.