Cardstore Created a Version of the World's Toughest Job for Dads

 - Jun 5, 2014
References: cardstore & designtaxi
Back in April, Cardstore created the mock 'World's Toughest Job' interview video as part of its promotions for Mother's Day. The video went viral and now that it's almost time for Father's Day, Cardstore has created a different version of the ad for dads.

This time around, the World's Toughest Job video for dads is set up like an audition, where they're required to do some improv, because as in life and in parenting, there are no scripts. The most heartfelt moments come at the end when the actors are required to ad lib some words of support to an actress who is playing their daughter. Although the ads don't have the same kind of impact as the World's Toughest Job for moms, it's still a good message that comes across.