Cyber Hearts

 - Sep 19, 2008
References: thisislondon
London surgeons have unveiled the world’s first ‘cyber’ heart, which they believe will revolutionize cardiac care.

The 3D computer model is so realistic that it has a heartbeat and it can even be operated on. It is expected to improve the accuracy of cardiac operations and help to speed up surgery times.

To date, trainee surgeons have trained using text books, video clips and heart scanning--all labor-intensive methods which can carry great risks for patients.

With this new technology, doctors can slice through the model displayed on a computer screen to view the internal structures of the heart, as well as its blood flow. The valve and vessel have been reproduced, and blocked arteries and other conditions can also be created.

The virtual heart took two years to develop, with assistance from a team of digital animators who normally work on television commercials and films.

Experts describe this technology as the biggest step forward since Leonardo da Vinci transformed understanding of the heart over 500 years ago.