These Unbearably Cute Posters Depict Pet Dogs as World Cup Superfans

World Cup superfans come in all ages, shapes and sizes. They include people from all walks of life, living in every corner of the globe. They also include pets! Now, there's a whole gallery of posters showing pets dressed up in World Cup team attire. The gallery was put together by pet photo-sharing and social media app Klooff.

The galleries show Klooff users' pets decked out in team jerseys and colors, and include captions that act as a rallying cry for each particular team. Pet-owners' decisions to dress up their pets as World Cup superfans is testament not only to their love of soccer, but also their desire to include their pets in their everyday lives.

Klooff co-founder Jane Chung says dressing up pets in team attire is a unique way for people to show their World Cup affiliation:

Somehow a dog wearing a blue wig cheering on Argentina is a lot more hilarious than a human. Our culture loves to anthropomorphize pets, and World Cup is just the fun occasion to do so.