The Wordlock

 - Jun 3, 2008
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Do you have so many pins and passcodes you find you get them confused? These handy padlocks make it much more convenient as they use letters instead of numbers. Numbers are harder to remember, and it's an easy guess that you almost always choose your birthday as your code.

In having letters, you can now do word associations so you will almost never forget the code. If you have had a child who forgets number combinations but can remember key words, this lock can also help them. Would you believe that this lock is invented by Art Fry, the inventor of the 'post it notes'?

They come in many different colors and some have 100,000 possible combinations. Wordlock's luggage locks have been endorsed by TSA and can be used in airline travel. There are also combo locks out with letters AND numbers for the ultra geeky or paranoid people.

I would recommend this lock to anyone looking for high quality and really reasonable price. They're selling for about $9.