Travel Photo Site is Like Google Earth on Crack

 - Apr 5, 2007
References: woophy
Feel like taking a trip somewhere exotic? Want to check out a remote island and escape civilization? What about a trip up to the arctic?

Whether you're in the mood for polar bears, jaguars, kangaroos or giant lizards, Woophy (WOrld Of PHotographY) takes it a step past Google Earth to allow visitors to view highly detailed photos of all corners of the earth. At present, the site features 22,690 cities and 249,100 photos.

Anyone can submit their photos, and, if you're an aspiring photo journalist, can enter your image in the annual photo contest. Photos that fall into three sub categories (raging reporter, world news and background) are entered to win a prize.

The goal of the Netherlands-based site is to create an overview of all the happenings around the world in the year 2007 with the help of international journalists and ordinary citizens.

“With the help of (amateur) photographers across the world, we strive to ultimately cover every inch of our world map with images that represent the world's beauty and peculiarity from all different cultural perspectives.”

Check out the site to catch up on world news, or simply to enjoy a peak into another culture.