The Wooden Catapult and Its Friends Can Precision-Launch Small Treats

This wooden catapult might look like an old school game, but it is in fact intended to propel marshmallows across the room. Designed by Ancient Artillery, the Marshmallow Catapults exhibited at Penguicon (a science fiction and computer software convention in Michigan state). The hand crafted wooden armaments, including the wooden catapult in addition to crossbows, arbaleses and trebuchets, are capable of precision-launching marshmallows and other small items like Nerf darts.

Whether you are looking to engage your inner child in an epic food fight or simply looking for a desk catapult to add some decorative flair to your office, the online Marshmallow Catapults store has a variety of weaponry for sale as well as future event information for armoury enthusiasts everywhere.