The Wood-con-fusion Series by Eli Chissick is Made out of Scraps

 - Nov 1, 2012
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More and more designers are looking to the floor of their studios when searching for new materials to work with, resulting in collections like the Wood-con-fusion Series. Although 'new' is a relative term in these instances, creating furniture pieces out of carpentry scraps does breath new life into them. The Wood-con-fusion Series is particularly lively.

Designed by Eli Chissick of Chissick Design, the Wood-con-fusion Series is comprised of a variety of tables. Despite the commonality of the materials used, each table is as different from each other as strangers on the street. While Serial No.W47 looks like it belongs in a family farm house, Serial No.W76 has a slightly futuristic appeal that would suit modern homes perfectly.

Using fiberboard, veneer and Formica, the Wood-con-fusion Series boasts pieces of the highest quality.