Cha Jong-Rye's 3D Masterpieces Resemble Landscapes and Textiles

 - Jan 23, 2015
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Cha Jong-Rye is a Korean artist who specializes in precisely crafted and visually striking wood sculptures. When they don't resemble pieces of folded and wrinkled fabric, the artist's wood sculptures are reminiscent of sandy desert landscapes and fluid rock formations.

The sculptor's intricate masterpieces are organically shaped and manage to transform a harsh wood medium into something that is soft and bulbous. Cha Jong-Rye's masterful art pieces range from tabletop sculptures to wall-hung art installations that are tactile and topographic.

The artist is a graduate from Ewha Women’s University's sculpture program where she holds B,F,A and M,F,A achievements. She has been practicing her craft professionally since 2001 and has exhibited her works in some of the world's most prestigious and recognized institutions.