This Flat LED Lamp Gives the Illusion of a 3D Form

 - Apr 20, 2014
References: bulbing-light & designboom
This wireframe light plays tricks on the mind by giving off the illusion of a 3D shape. In reality, the light fixture is flat but because of the way the wires are set up, it tricks the mind.

The light is called Bulbing and was created by Studio Cheha. It has a three-dimensional lightbulb-like shape with a curved look on the front and top. The frame itself uses acrylic glass with LED bulbs emitting the light through it. The base is made from a very strong, high-quality plywood birch.

The light itself is very strong and durable as it can last for up to 50,000 hours right out of the box. The bulb looks as if it's floating on the base while the wires give an effortless rounded feel.

Photo Credits: designboom, bulbing-light