This Artist Creates Realistic Taxidermy Sculptures Using Wrought Wire

 - Feb 22, 2016
References: lustik.tumblr & mymodernmet
Artist Fernando Suárez Reguera uses his creative abilities to design wire sculptures of animals and humans. All of the artist's collections are created from wrought wire and bronze.

Each sculpture presents the image of creature that bares only bones and muscle. The detailed definitions allow the viewer to fully imagine each sculpture moving as if it could leap into action at any moment. Many of these artworks honor creatures that offer exaggerated features such as the long trunk of an elephant, the neck of a giraffe or the tentacles from a squid. These characteristics allow the artist to infuse each statue with realistic attributes and animation.

The elegance of the wire sculptures is contrasted with the artist's idea of fantasy and self expression. Each piece of art is a designed to test the boundaries of modern art, realism and delusion.