The 'WineHive' by John Paulick is Sophisticated and Expandable

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: kickstarter & uncrate
There are a variety of alcoholic beverage display cabinets and shelves out there, but none come close to this intellectually designed 'WineHive' by John Paulick.

This wine rack is extremely beneficial in a variety of environments as it can be pieced together or pieced apart according to the user's needs. When the pieces are put together to form racks they end up shaped hexagonal exactly like a bee hive. Avid wine drinkers do not have to worrying about a growing collection for this rack can grow with each purchase as well. The WineHive is a home-inventive concept as it is purely portable, size-customized and presents a design that is very simplistic and modern. Not just wine drinkers but any bottle collector may want to invest in this John Paulick creation for it means nothing but good things for an organized home.