Willow Glass is Great for Touch Devices, Solar Tech and More

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: corning & theverge
Willow Glass may look like a sheet of clear plastic, but, as its name gives away, it is in reality an ultra-thin piece of glass. Hot on the heels of the recently launched Gorilla Glass 2 and Lotus Glass, Willow Glass' thinness and flexibility will garner it a lot of attention. Its application is endless, especially when it comes to devices.

Developed by Corning, Willow Glass is particularly ideal when paired with touch sensors. Available in sheets that are just 100 microns thick, which is equivalent to a piece of paper, to put it into perspective, Willow Glass could also be implemented with flexible solar cells and more. Considering its lightness, it wouldn't be surprising if designers re-imagine wearable tech with the use of Willow Glass.