A WikiLeaks Book is in the Making to Support Legal Costs

 - Dec 28, 2010
References: & gizmodo
The cost of WikiLeaks' legal fees is large (to say the least), so Julian Assange is now writing a WikiLeaks book to "keep WikiLeaks afloat." With a legal bill of $770,000, the revenue received from the book will prove very useful in the site's turbulent times.

Assange has many fans, but he has certainly made a lot of enemies too. Eric Holder (the US Attorney General) wants to indict him as a co-conspirator and Joe Biden has called Assange a ""hi-tech terrorist." On February 6th and 7th Julian Assange will be attending his scheduled hearing. His fate -- and WikiLeaks' fate -- is yet to be determined, but the supposed WikiLeaks book that is in the making is sure to be a hot topic.