Why Not People Caters Its Events to People Living with Disabilities

 - Feb 6, 2015
References: whynotpeople & mashable
Knowing that people living with disabilities deserve to enjoy entertainment the same as everyone else, Jameela Jamil founded Why Not People, a company that hosts events specifically with this concept in mind. Why Not People operates as a club based in the UK, with membership open only to people living with an impairment. In order to make these events enjoyable for all, members would be able to purchase event tickets for friends and family, so that no one is left out.

After spending time touring the world as a DJ, Jamil noticed that there were hardly any people in wheelchairs in attendance at events, or when they are in present, they tend to be set aside as if accommodating them is a burden. Through Indiegogo, Jamil is hoping that her vision will resonate with a community that will join her efforts to break down these barriers.