The Whooom Sound System Lets You Share the Same Beats Amongst Buddies

 - Mar 22, 2013
References: yankodesign
With the Whooom Sound System, people would no longer need to gather in the same room to listen to the same music in impeccable audio quality. This cutting-edge concept comprises a malleable dock and a collection of six individual speakers that can be carried to different parts of the house.

Each amp is identical, featuring a smooth teardrop form that allows it to rock playfully back and forth. Perforations in the plastic material project your chosen tracks around 365 degrees and a small hole in the tip makes it easy to tote the innovative objects or to hang them up.

When the speakers run out of battery, they can be nestled back into their hub. Marton Budai and András Fakó's Whooom Sound System charges efficiently this way by means of induction. The TRON-esque electronics are revived again in no time and are once again capable of receiving songs from various devices through Wi-Fi technology.