The 'Who Eats What?' Infographic Shows the Globe's Eating Habits

 - May 28, 2012
References: holykaw.alltop
Every country has its own specialties in food and culture and this 'Who Eats What?' infographic reveals the most favorite and eaten food from around the globe.

These statistics by Massive Health reveals the health ratings along with the most popular foods. In Copenhagen the heath rate stands at boastful 89.3% compared to a low 26.8% in Philadelphia, U.S. Residents in Copenhagen are 18.5 times more likely to munch on rye break than any other place in the world. Amongst their ranks in healthy eating habits is Sao Paulo at 84.5% and New York City at 83.6%.

Philadelphia is famous for its Philly cheesesteaks but any visitors will be able to see the city of brotherly love share a love for pretzels as well; it's seen everywhere from sidewalk food trucks to shopping mall centers. Perhaps Philly folks might want to switch their goodies for an arugula salad with light dressing. Extra light dressing.