Epic Meal Time’s ‘Whiskey Dick’ Lube is Slick

 - May 16, 2012
References: whiskeydicklube & foodbeast
Novelty adult products are nothing new, but ‘Whiskey Dick’ lube -- a very literal interpretation of the term -- stands out.

The folks of the over-the-top glorified gluttony show Epic Meal Time are behind this hilarious creation. Clearly inspired by Jack Daniels, the product’s packaging is immediately recognizable to whiskey enthusiasts. Complete with a surprisingly elaborate marketing scheme, the alcohol-scented personal lubricant features an accompanying video. As hilarious as the product, the ‘Whiskey Dick’ promo video is appropriately over-the-top. The lube, which can actually be used, is water-based like most reputable products of its kind. The price of novelty smoothness comes at a fairly steep price, ranging from $11.99 - $59.99.

Bizarre, hilarious and with a strong cultural connection, ‘Whiskey Dick’ lube is a clever product from an unlikely source.