This Watch Tells You 'What's the Date?' in an Unusual Way

 - May 2, 2014
References: laurynbertolo & lustik.tumblr
'What's the Date?' is an unusual perpetual calendar system devised by Lauryn Bertolo that takes the shape of three small bracelets that will tell you the month, day of the week and the date. The low-tech calendar system is unconventional for several reasons, including that it is watch-like, but made from screen printed cloth fabric instead of being plastic or digital. Unlike a digital or battery-operated watch or calendar system, these quirky bands would require you to stay on top of things and manually make adjustments each day.

Although it's a pretty offbeat calendrical system, it would be easy enough to pick and choose to wear just one or two of the wristbands at a time, especially if you only need to be aware of the day of the month or the weekday.