The What's Inside? Series Really Gets Inside the Body

 - Dec 15, 2013
‘What’s Inside?’ is a series of illustrations by Barcelonian brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro. These two creative brothers dig deep inside their bright and bold minds to illustrate what may be on the inside of bright and bold cartoon characters.

As children the Mingarro brothers were always expressing their creativity through arts and crafts, constructing car parts for their toy trucks and even taking it as far as media with their home movies. As they grew older they both studied design and eventually teamed up to open the Brosmind studio where their new cartoon exposing art is displayed.

Juan and Alejandro have always been known for their style, which is a hybrid of fantasy and humor. ‘What’s Inside?’ is a perfect example of their funky and optimistic work. This series features a line of animated characters exploring themselves to discover what they’re really made of.

If only it was this easy in real life.