DIY Digital Lovechildren with 'Make Me Babies'

 - Dec 12, 2008
References: makemebabies
I love gimmicky junk and software to have fun with. So a friend sent me this site and this is just plain fun! Make Me Babies is a site where you upload your photo and that of your partner or desired partner. MMB then does its magic and voila, it gives you an idea of what your babe will look like.

You can create your lovechild by loading pics of yourself and George Clooney or Brad Pitt from the batch of pics they have on site. Oh oh oh! How about with our Jeremy or Ayman--or Obama! Then for the guys, you and the lovely Miss Bianca... You gotta admit you wanna see it!

After you upload the photos, you choose a frame, gender and name. The final results show the photos of the parents in the bottom corner and, of course, your little bundle of joy!

After seeing our 'baby' my hubby made the comment, "I'm glad we're too old to have babies." I think little Tiana is adorable (see the first image)!