'What About The Heart?' Consists of Human-Like Faces Created for Robots

 - May 26, 2014
References: luisawhitton & designboom
'What About The Heart?' is a photographic project that aims to give viewers a glimpse into the futuristic world of the Japanese robotics industry. In particular, the photos depict the world of humanoid robotics, which aims to develop robots that resemble humans in both physical appearance and mental capacity. The project is the work of London-based photographer Luisa Whitton, produced in collaborating with Japanese scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro, who constructed a robotic copy of himself.

The images comprising 'What About The Heart?' focus on the human faces constructed specifically for robots. The 'faces' are eerily lifelike, and prompt the viewer to ponder and consider what it actually means to be human.

There's an interesting story behind the title of the series. In an interview with Ishiguro, Whitton asked him, "what about the heart?" Unaware of the philosophical nature of her question, he produced a straight scientific answer -- "That is the easiest part; artificial heart is very popular now. The liver is more difficult."

Photo Credits: designboom, luisawhitton