Stink Yourself Slim Targets Your Eating Habits

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: stinkyourselfslim
For those looking to try a new method of approach for losing weight, consider the 'Stink Yourself Slim' product. This fragrance is used to deter the brain from having any urges to consume particular fatty products.

Smell is vital to eating behavior, because it directs our eating habits. Appealing smells compel us to consume certain foods. These smells are learnt quickly which activate certain receptors and sections of the brain related to memory, motivation and emotion. The problem is that many 'bad' foods are linked to these positive receptors and thoughts. The purpose of the Stink Yourself Slim fragrance is to deter one from consuming those 'bad' foods. The website notes the spray should be emitted around places like the "danger cupboard" (which contains sweets, biscuits, etc.,) to minimize any desire to consume between meals.

The Stink Yourself Slim should not be sprayed directly onto food, nor should it be ingested.