The WeFeedBack App Generates Donations and Delivers a Message

 - Apr 19, 2011
References: & mashable
The World Food Programme has come up with a clever way to make you rethink your daily coffee indulgence with their WeFeedBack app.

The WeFeedBack app is a simple feedback calculator, prompting the user to simply input their favorite food item's cost and press calculate. The app then tells you how many children your food could feed in an impoverished nation.

The application is formed on the idea that it only costs 25 cents to feed a child daily. Therefore, a simple calculation is applied and your results are easily generated. For example, sushi costs about $9.50, meaning it could feed 38 children.

The app then asks you to feed them now and donate the amount you set out to spend on the initial food item.

The WeFeedBack programme stated that it, "operates on the notion that the food we take for granted every day could have a major impact on the lives of school children if we decided to share from time to time."