Webert's 3D Printed Faucets Arrive in a Variety of Shapes and Forms

 - May 3, 2018
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Smart technology has been integrated into nearly every aspect of a modern home, but the bathroom is often left forgotten, which is why Webert's 3D printed faucets will add a contemporary touch to the interior of any abode.

This new collection is comprised of stainless steel material and uses 3D printing technology to achieve accurate and intricate line work. The result, is an experimental collection of unique faucets that are sure to give any bathroom some character. The 3D printing techniques enable creative designs that are characterized by strong lines and intricate, geometric detailing. Some of the designs take on a more skeletal look, while others are inspired by organic creatures.

The printing technique allows for more experimentation and personalization, something that's not often emphasized in the world of bathroom design.

Image credit: Webert