'wefished' is a Web-Based Platform for Finding Manuscripts and Books

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: wefished.net & betalist
A vast number of great manuscripts will never become books, so 'wefished' is a web-based platform that aims to make it possible for authors to submit their work to be enjoyed by those who love literature.

'wefished' culminates unpublished manuscripts and books to allow users to download them for free, critique them and even post a rating. This is positioned as a way to help aspiring authors and even established ones to offer up ideas to get noticed or try out new genres and beyond.

The 'wefished' web-based platform enables literary aficionados to get access to books that are on the brink of being published or rogue writings from up-and-coming authors. It acts as a way to find great new books to read and a method of providing direct feedback to authors to help them fine-tune their craft.