The Wayside Multi-Tool Includes 19 Tools For Every Cycling Fix

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: blackburndesign
A multi-tool isn't simply a functional accessory -- it's a cyclist's best friend and most trustworthy companion, which explains why cyclists can get surprisingly upset when they misplace their multi-tool. But if you happened to misplace yours recently or just happen to be in the market for an all-purpose cycling multi-tool, look no further than the Wayside from Blackburn Design.

Think of the Wayside multi-tool as a Swiss Army knife designed for your cycling-specific needs. With a gobsmacking 19 different functions, this multi-tool has you covered no matter the situation. If you're getting set to rip down a mountain bike trail but realize that your brake pad's all out of wack, don't panic -- keep calm and whip out the Wayside's brake pad spreader. Got chain issues? The chain assembly hook will help you resolve that in no time. Other tools include a knife blade, spoke wrenches and an array of hex keys.

While 19 tools may sound like a recipe for chaos and confusion, but the Wayside multi-tool doesn't just have a bunch of tools thrown in with no thought. Rather, it features an intelligent design that takes into account the size and placement of each tool so that you can easily call upon them when in need without wasting time or effort.

The Wayside multi-tool is designed for proactive cyclists who like to take matters into their own hands, and promises to be a quick-fix tool on the go or indeed a self-contained DIY cycling garage.