The Juice Pack H2PRO Protects Your Phone in Multiple Ways

 - May 9, 2015
References: mophie & gizmodo
Protecting your iPhone 6 has been made incredibly easy with Morphie's new waterproof case called the Juice Pack H2PRO. Its sole purpose is to protect your phone from any unwanted substances, including its main purpose -- water protection. Accidentally letting your phone slip into the watery abyss won't ruin your phone if it's only submerged in four feet of water for roughly 30 minutes.

However, that's only one of the features provided by the Juice Pack; it's also super flexible, scratch-resistant and it fully replenishes your battery life if you ever find yourself facing the dreaded 10% battery life warning.

The Juice Pack is also tested, and built to sustain any bumps, slips or hard falls. In fact, it has even risen above the normal capacity for standard U.S military tests in shocks and drops.