Les Cascadeurs is Located in the Heart of a Waterfall

 - Jul 28, 2014
References: laurentgongora & dezeen
Artist Laurent Gongora has created a waterfall installation, titled 'Les Cascadeurs,' located in France's Massif Central Region.

In an attempt to "redraw" the waterfall's shape, Gongora attached 24 metal elements to a rock behind the Cascade de Vaucoux. The steel triangles form a diamond shape that stretches eight meters high. The triangular points protrude through the waterfall, diverting the torrent accordingly. Gongora explains, "Looking at this huge cascade, I thought it would be interesting to tame the way water is falling. The graphics of the basaltic rocks around the waterfall made me want to build something very geometric."

Underneath each peak, a horizontal bar provides shelter for wildlife that dares to wander near. The structure was hung, with help from two professional climbers, using several steel cables.