The Water Map Washbasin Directs the Faucet's Flow into Street-Inspired Channels

 - Feb 20, 2013
Seemingly flat sinks have been getting a great deal of attention in recent years, as novel, minimalist and elegant reinterpretations of waste water collectors. The Water Map Washbasin is a whole new level of unique, featuring a complex network of gutters that have been cut from a block of wood.

Since Westerners no longer tend to collect and use the liquid in conventional concave sinks, this setup is quite effective. The H2O that rinses from your hands finds its way into the pattern of grooves -- conduits that carry it subtly towards the drain and eliminate it.

Now you might wonder what influenced the particular cuts in the chic lumber Water Map Washbasin. Designer Julia Kononenko actually traced it from the urban plan of London and suggests that other metropolises' topographies could inspire additional models.