Tokyoflash's Watch Design Displays Time as a Waiting Screen

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: blog.tokyoflash & gizmag
This latest watch design idea for Tokyoflash is reminiscent of the time when we were a lot more patient with technology. Some may not remember, but humans used to wait a lot longer for activities to be accomplished on our tech devices. During such sequences, there would often be a loading bar that would notify the user of how long until their request was completed.

'Loading...' is a watch that commemorates this once common anticipation by integrating it into how it tells time. The time display is a little complex, but this is what makes it so brilliant. The white retro-style digital lettering and designs contrast effectively against the oversized black screen.

This watch design may get one to think about time differently as it is almost a commentary on how we often hope for time to go by faster, but we should really be enjoying each moment.