Warco Puts a Camera in Your Hands, Instead of a Gun

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: defiantdev & arstechnica
Potentially the first of its kind, Warco is a first-person shooter that eschews the familiar all-American M16 in favor of a Japanese-made handy cam. The concept alone would be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise homogenous, stagnating market.

Your average gamer has participated in a million virtual battles and skirmishes, but never has the opportunity been extended to step back and observe those same wars. Why do people fight and with what conditions? These are questions that Melborne-based studio Defiant hopes to answer with Warco, an upcoming 'shooter' that puts you in the comparatively clean boots of a war journalist. Tony Maniaty became the inspiration for the video game after recounting his experiences as an embedded reporter in post-Soviet Eastern Europe.

Warco strikes me as a refreshing change of pace. It may sound dull, but a game that hurls you into a morally grey world is infinitely more appealing than playing the gung-ho, unthinking propagandized soldier.