This Children's Vehicle Has Been Transformed into a 'Mad Max' War Rig

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: photo.rottenkitten & toyland.gizmodo
Parents Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith decided to give their four year old son and 11 month daughter the ultimate accessory for their 'Mad Max' costumes -- a mighty war rig.

This 'Mad Max Power Wheels' is a DIY project that transforms two second-hand 'Power Wheels' vehicles into a war rig from the post-apocalyptic world of 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' Powered by four electric motors, this two-seater prop also features power steering, a keyed ignition from an electric scooter, an air horn sound effect and can even be controlled remotely via smartphone. The exterior was decorated with cardboard, paint and other materials to capture the iconic look and feel from the world of the films.

Four-year-old Cooper plays the role of young 'Max,' and his infant sister Ziggy fills in as a pint-sized 'Imperiator Furiosa.'