The 'RE:BOOK' Wall Storage System is Slim, Discreet and Functional

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Traditional bookcases are notorious for taking up lots of space, which is something the 'RE:BOOK' wall storage unit looks to change. Available for purchase from MUNITO from designer dialoguemethod, the 'RE:BOOK' features waves of fabric that act as the storage shelves for books and other slim items.

The use of fabric over structured materials such as wood helps to enable the 'RE:BOOK' wall storage unit to be more functional and useful for small spaces. Coming in two color options including red and gray, the 'RE:BOOK' is also ideal for digital items such as e-readers, tablets and other slim technology. Because it takes up virtually no floorspace, the 'RE:BOOK' can be used in small bedrooms or even small walkways.