MagicofRahat Tricks People with the Walking on Water Prank

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: youtube
MagicofRahat’s 'Walking on Water' prank is the kind to pull on April Fool's Day if you want people to be forced to do double takes and then have their eyes bug out of their heads in disbelief.

For the setup, Rahat pretends to be so absorbed in texting that he walks right into a body of water. When the distracted tester looks up and realizes he’s in the middle of a pond, Rahat plays off being just as freaked out by the experience as everyone else by asking for people to rescue him and dramatically describing close encounters with piranhas.

It isn’t revealed how Rahat pulled it off and it doesn’t seem like it was revealed as a prank at any point either, which makes people believe even more that the illusion is real.